Custom USB Capacity – Is 4GB the New 1 GB?

How Moore’s Law Affects Promotional USB Capacity

Technology continues to advance at an amazing pace. Some people consider it to be due to the growing interest that society has in it, but others understand this growth to be due to Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law basically predicts the exponential growth of technology and states that things like computer processors and memory chips will continue to double approximately every 2 years. Although originally designed to predict the rate of  transistors on a chip, the law appears have held well in the advances of computer chips and memory despite actual transistors no longer being used. to Many computer and software companies use this law to set their business goals. However, this law has also helped many marketers as well.

The USB flash drive has become the focus of many industries. Manufactures try to make their branded USB stand out from their competitions by offering more storage to consumers. So, the war has been to create the USB stick that holds the most data. Companies manage this not only by adding on the amount of gigabytes a USB can hold, but also by improving the efficiency of each GB that is contained in the USB stick. They are able to accomplish each of these goals thanks to Moore’s Law.

The goal of these companies is to get customers to look at and use their logo USB. They want to have their name associated with a USB stick that is better than the competition both in terms of design and in terms of usability, which is roughly synonymous with data capacity. Flash memory has become a necessity in today’s era of digital data consumption and as a result the cost of data capacity has fallen steadily for the last few years. A couple of years ago it would have been the standard to have 1GB for a premium branded promotional USB, with maybe 256MB or 512MB for the higher volume cheaper giveaways. Now its not unusual to see 4Gb and even 8GB requested as standard and a brand that wants to be perceived as top flight will not wish to be handing out anything under 1GB. It’s worth bearing in mind that a higher capacity stick will be useable for far longer than a lower capacity model. Once you are maxing out your storage are you more likely to delete some content or trade up to a higher capacity flash drive?  The former requires some painful decisions to be made and the latter is a simple data copying upgrade away. With promotional usb becoming the number one choice for brand awareness it’s likely that a large capacity usb stick will come along soon, relegating the inferior model to the “collecting dust” pile.